TBB Kinergy – WiFi Datalogging Stick


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TBB Wireless Data Logger

Available with GPRS and WIFI, the wireless data logger is an external communication device connected to the TBB inverter through a RS-232 interface. Through the Kinergy APP, it offers a convenient way to monitor the system’s performance remotely.

One module connected with the inverter can monitor both the inverter and up to max 8 Solar Mate MPPTs’ connected with this inverter. In the case of multiple inverter systems, a hub can be purchased to monitor up to 3 inverters with one Kinergy wireless module.

Compatible with:

·         TBB RiiO Sun

·         TBB Apollo Maxx

·         TBB Kinergier Pro

The warranty period differs for every product range. The warranty detail is in the warranty documents.



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