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Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd warrants its Clients that the renewable energy products which have been supplied and/or installed by the Company shall be free from defects and subject to the following:

  • The warranty period differs for every product range. The warranty detail is in the warranty documents. The date  is determined from the date of delivery and the Client will be entitled to either request a refund; replacement or repair of the renewable energy products supplied if it is deemed to be defective within such period;
  • Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any damages of whatsoever nature, including consequential and penal damages, caused by or due to any failure of operation or malfunction of the renewable energy products, unless such damages can be attributed to any circumstances reasonably within the control of Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
  • The warranty shall immediately be rendered null and void in the event of any of the following:
    –  Any alterations or modifications or an addition made to the renewable energy products supplied, without the prior consent of Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd;
    –  Failure to use renewable energy products in accordance with the instructions and specifications of Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd;
    –  General misuse and abuse of the materials supplied;
    –  Any damage caused by fire, flood, civil disturbance or act of God;
    –  The Client not having its original Tax Invoice available to be supplied to Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd;
    –  Any default that can be attributed to normal wear and tear of the renewable energy products and or components supplied or installed taking into regard the oldness of the renewable energy products and the use it was normally put to in the past. All refurbished or already renewable energy products and or components will only be supplied at the Client s own request;
    –  The renewable energy products supplied have not been inspected by Joule Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd in order to evaluate/determine the reason for its malfunction before the Client requested its replacement, repair or refund.

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