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Powitt Solar 550W Mono-Crystalline Panel

Looking for a durable, efficient, and affordable solar panel? We have just the right solar panel for you. Our Powitt Solar 550W mono-crystalline panel is expertly designed with high transparency, anti-reflective, AR coated, heat-tempered glass and a robust silver anodized aluminium alloy frame. It has a high module efficiency rate at 21.3% and a power tolerance of between 0~+5% as well as having an outstanding performance in low-light irradiance environments.


– Cell Type: Square Mono-Crystalline Passivated Emitting and Rear Contact (PERC) Cells
– Peak Power: 550 W
– Maximum Power Voltage: 40.99 V (STC) 38.14 V (NOCT)
– Maximum Power Current: 13.42 A (STC) 10.73 A (NOCT)
– Module Efficiency: 21.3 %
– Number of Cells: 144 Cells (182 x 91mm)
– Frame Type: Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy
– Glass Type: High transparency, Anti-reflective (AR), AR Coated, Heat Tempered Glass – 3.2 mm
– Dimensions: 2278 x 1133 x 35 mm
– Weight: 28 Kg

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