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TBB IG5 PV Inverter

Grid-tie systems are the most cost-effective and easiest systems to install. But in a pure grid-tie system you will have no power supply if there is a power shedding. To solve this problem, you can connect the IG series PV inverter to the output of the TBB Kinergier Pro bi-directional inverter to compose an AC-Coupled system.

IG series PV inverters are designed especially for AC coupling systems, featuring great system stability and extra ordinally dynamic response. It could follow the control of the AC coupling system and real-time data can be consolidated into the system monitor as well.

 Type of Inverter: PV Single Phase Inverter
  Grid-tie / Off-grid: Grid-tie
  Max. DC Input: 600 V
  Max. AC Output: 5 KW
  Max. Output Current: 25 A
  Max. efficiency: 98.1 %
  Max MPPT Efficiency: 99.5 %
  Weight: 11.5 kg
  Dimensions: 310 x 543 x 160 mm
  Designed lifetime: 20 years
  Protection: DC reverse polarity, short circuit, output over current, output over-voltage, insulation resistance monitoring, residual current detection, surge, temperature

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