TBB CH4.0S 48V/4kW/150V/60A


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TBB CH4-S All-In-One Inverter

Energier Apollo is a powerful inverter integrated with multiple functions, including a high-performance true sine wave inverter, a powerful battery charger, an MPPT or PWM charge controller, a high-speed automatic transfer switch and two outputs for load management.

Energier Apollo inverters can be used in multiple applications. With a simple setting, you can compose a power backup or solar off-grid system. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable of power-demanding appliances, such as fridges, freezers, water pumps and air conditioners etc.

Energier Apollo has some distinguishing features designed especially for African, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries where the grid is not stable.

 Type of Inverter: All-in-one
 Grid-tie / Off-grid: Off-grid, Back-up, Solar
 Voltage: 48V
 Max. AC Output: 4 KW (30 min)
 Max. Output Current: 32 (AC Output 1) – 40 A (AC Output 2)
 Max. Charge Current: 100 A
– Charger Type: MPPT
 Max. efficiency: 96 %
– Weight: 32 kg
– Dimensions: 514 x 275 x 144 mm
– Protection: output short circuit, overload, high temperature, input voltage out of range, battery low voltage disconnects, battery high voltage protection, fan lock

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