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TBB Solar Mate SP250-70 MPPT Charge Controller

Solar Mate is a solar charger controller with built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which enables them to increase the output from a solar photovoltaic (PV) array by as much as 30% compared with non-MPPT designs. 

Solar Mate can optimize the PV output and eliminate the fluctuation due to shading or temperature variables. It is a multi-voltage MPPT with built-in sophisticated battery charging algorithm for both lead-acid battery and lithium-ion batteries, which could support a wide variety of system designs. Meanwhile, the data management with 365 days of history records can tell the user the actual performance of their system.


  Nominal Battery Voltage (VDC): 24, 48
  Maximum Charging Current (A): 70
  Maximum Charging Power (W): 2058 (24VDC) 4116 (48VDC)
  Recommended PV (W): 2700 (24VDC) 5400 (48VDC)
  PV Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)(VDC): 250
  Max. PV Short Circuit Current (A): 80
  Max. Efficiency: 98%
  Max. MPPT Efficiency: 99.9%
  MPPT Voltage Rage (VDC): 65~245
  Cooling: Natural
  Dimensions: 327.5 x 293. 116.2 mm
  Weight: 7.2 Kg

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